Meeting Arjuna Ardagh and Magic Moments in Nevada City

Meeting Arjuna Ardagh and Magic Moments in Nevada City

I remember listening to Arjuna Ardagh on a live teleconference back in October. Moments after the call finished, I emailed Arjuna with three requests. First, I asked if I could interview him for my Conversations with the Masters series. He said “yes.” Secondly, I asked if he’d be willing to be one of my guest speakers for my Inner Peace Immersion Retreat – October 20-24, 2010. He said “yes.” Third, I asked if did one-on-one coaching and was there a way to hire him. He said “yes.”

So for many months, I’ve listened to hours of Arjuna’s English accent as he offered wisdom and guidance — often causing me to laugh out loud. We’ve exchanged countless emails.

The day came when I put a face with a name! Here we are at the celebration dinner after the 5 day retreat I attended two weeks ago.

Arjuna Ardagh and Mary

Lunch Buddies – Julaine, Leslie (my Roommate on Retreat and Me

Jeanine Mancusi (Mary’s 1st Coach)

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