Inner Peace Tip #6 – How to find Inner Peace When Constantly Bombarded with New Information

The “information age” has made it ridiculously easy for individuals to transfer information freely, and sometimes it is just “too much!” I’m sure you can relate.  Fortunately, you are at choice (even if you forget sometimes.) Just because information is coming at you, doesn’t mean you need to absorb it all now.

1. Become CLEAR about what information you most want and need.  What are you inspired to learn about? What new information will most impact your life or business?

2. Pay attention to the medium you learn best from. Do you prefer reading, listening to audios at your leisure or attending live events? Do you learn best when participating in an interactive group setting where you can ask questions and hear how others are applying new ideas?  Do you like to learn independently?

3. Become selective about which information sources have access to you, especially via email. Unsubscribe from those you’re not reading or absorbing. Also, set up individual folders and filters, so new email newsletters go directly into that folder. This way you can go to the information sources when you’re ready, and they won’t continually tempt you throughout the day.

4. Know your limit.  Give yourself a time-out to integrate information periodically. Go on an “information diet” for 30 days.

5. Trust your subconscious.  Often we think we can’t possibly take in anymore information (i.e. at a multi-day workshop). However, the brain works in mysterious ways and continues to take in new information even when our conscious mind is ready to head for the door.  Trust the process.

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  1. Val

    Good tips, altho I think if I went on an information diet I’d have so much to catch up on I’d be digging out for months! But maybe I could last a week:)


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