Inner Peace Tip #3 – How to Stay Calm in Financial Crisis

How to Stay Calm in a Financial Crisis

No one loves a financial crisis, but it can be the greatest gift of growth.  The first truth to recognize is this – the world is dynamic and changing – and no matter the severity of the situation, it is ALWAYS possible to turn it aroundIt’s simply a matter of time.

Most millionaires have been broke at least a couple times in their life.  What is the difference between someone who turns around $25,000, $100,000, or $1M+ in debt (remember Donald Trump years ago)?  It’s their ability to embrace the reality of the situation, then consciously act and adapt.  It may mean getting creative or taking a job that isn’t your first choice.  It could mean filing bankruptcy.  It may require you to let go of your fears and play bigger than you ever have before.

Finding your peaceful center during a financial crisis will allow you to remain connected to your most powerful sense of self and make clear and conscious choices.

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  1. Lucky Balaraman

    Sage advice. Especially in crisis situations, you need a clear head, which means you need to align with your ‘sense of being’ (aka inner peace).


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