Inner Peace Tip #2 – How Do You Stay Balanced with a Busy Life?

How do you stay balanced with a busy life?

It’s essential to have a few “inner peace practices” that are MUSTS in your life.  And, be sure to sprinkle them in throughout your day.

For example, start the day with a 10+ minute meditation or a vegetable smoothie.  At lunchtime, take a few minutes – away from your desk – to eat lunch, and reconnect with your breath (make sure you don’t book yourself without a break).  In the afternoon, you might take a five minute “time out” and close your eyes, lie on the floor, and give yourself permission to “do nothing” for just a few minutes.  It does wonders!

Other potent “inner peace practices” include time in nature, exercise, yoga, reading, listening to something inspiring on tape or CD, journaling, focusing on what you’re grateful for, silent time, or using the “emWave.”

In the evening, make it a MUST to do something that brings you pleasure: lighting candles, nutritious and tasty meals, meaningful conversation, read, watch a movie or favorite TV show (not just any show), snuggle with your partner or make love.  Honor your body by letting it have a FULL night’s sleep.

Most importantly, listen to your body and be responsive during the day. A quick walk outside, a moment refocusing on your breath, or a “time-out” for doing nothing only takes a few minutes… but will make the world of difference in the balance you experience throughout your busy life.

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