Inner Peace Tip #17 – How to Not Worry About What Others Think of You

Can we ever really control what others think of us? Oh, how I wish there was a way to have everyone love me – and YOU!   Ahhhhh…welcome back to reality.

“Pleasing” everyone simply isn’t possible. Each human being has their own blueprint of likes, dislikes, standards and pet peeves.  Recognizing this reality is the first step.

You may be able to influence whether someone likes you or not – by treating them kindly, offering value or making them laugh. But, in the end, their preferences are NOT within your control.

Now, let’s understand what worry is.

Worry is resisting a future that hasn’t happened yet.   More often than not, “the future we’re resisting” or worrying about – never even happens in reality.  And, certainly, on the rare occasion it does happen, it is not in our direct control.

If I worry about what my subscribers think of me, how is this going to positively influence their thoughts?   In fact, the more “worry” there is, the more likely I’m going to attract an unfavorable outcome because I’m putting so much attention on something negative.

The reality is, people will think what they do about me.   And people will think what they do about you.  It’ll either be positive, and they’ll keep coming back.  Or they won’t.   Isn’t it wonderful that everyone has the freedom to choose?

When you recognize worry as a waste of time, energy and focus – you can gently bring your attention back into the now.  You can bring your energy and attention to your fullest self-expression.  Be yourself.  I’ve certainly noticed, the more someone is comfortable in their own skin – the more we like them.  Even if they are a bit quirky or outrageous!

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