Inner Peace Tip #16 – Do you Take Inner Peace with you Wherever you Go?

Inner peace is available anytime and any place.  It’s only our conditioned behavior and society at large that tells us otherwise.

Before we can access inner peace anywhere … it’s important that we’re clear about how to access inner peace in the here and now – before movement is involved.

Stop for a minute, and simply connect with your breath.   Breathe in … breathe out… breathe in … breathe out.  Shift your attention from thoughts, feelings and physical sensations to that which is AWARE of thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations.

Recognize …that you’re aware of thought, but you are not your thoughts.  Recognize … that you’re aware of emotions, but you are not your emotions.

Simply rest in that which you are – that which is aware.

Recognize the truth in this moment – “all is well.”

It doesn’t matter how long your to-do list is, how much money is in the bank account, or who is or isn’t in your life in this moment.  When we shift our attention to that which is aware, any moment can be experienced with inner peace.

When we can access this inner peace in the here and the now…we can access it anytime and any place simply by bringing our attention back to a place of awareness.
If I’m dashing to catch an airline flight … I can notice how quickly I’m moving and I can notice fear or thoughts arising as I momentarily believe, “I could miss my flight.”  Then, I simply shift my attention to the here and now.  I’m well.   I’m not late  – yet.  I find my breath.  I recognize, “All is well.”

Try it.  Anytime. Any place. Including this moment.  All is well.

It only takes a moment to shift your attention to this truth.

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