Inner Peace Tip #11 – How Does Inner Peace Attract Clients?

Who would you prefer to work with? Someone who is stressed out, frazzled and overwhelmed with their
business and life? Or someone who is calm, centered and exudes a sense of inner peace?

One of my clients is a tax accountant, who has consciously focused on expanding his inner peace over the last several years – especially during tax season. Clients comment on how good it feels to come in to talk taxes even when they receive unpleasant news of a large tax bill.

When your inner peace is high, others feel more heard, understood and acknowledged because you’re more available to them.  Whether you meet with clients for a few minutes or a few hours at a time, whatever emotional state that is most prevalent in you will affect your clients.

In today’s busy world, where stress has become a standard, people are craving inner peace. If you help them fill up their “inner peace” reservoir, they’ll help you fill up your financial reservoir. It’s just what happens.

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