Inner Peace Tip #10 – How to Find Inner Peace When There are too Many Ideas in Your Head?*

The quickest way to find inner peace when your mind is flooding with ideas is to write them down. Pull out a sheet of paper and start writing, or if you prefer high-tech, open your computer and get all those ideas out of your head and into form.  Anytime we put our thoughts onto paper, the mind slows down, we’re able to evaluate ideas objectively and there is an immediate release.

As we write, we may notice… what felt like thousands or millions of ideas is really only a dozen or two.  It just felt like millions because so many of the ideas were repeating again and again because your mind didn’t want you to forget them!  (This recently happened to me at 5am :))

Once on paper, we can prioritize and organize them. Which ones are you most passionate about? Which ones will serve you and your business most? Which ones make most sense to act upon?

Break down ideas into simple tasks. Then, choose to do them – one at a time.

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