Personal: Reminiscing About “Big Hair Days”

A few weeks ago, I flew to Dallas to reconnect with my work colleagues from 20+ years ago. My first real job was with “Technical Recruiting Associates”. Yes, for the first four years out of college I was a “headhunter,” finding top-notch computer programmers for my favorite clients, including Price Waterhouse, IBM and American Express. We were a tight-knit group, who celebrated top performance by going on a cruise each year (I was #2 in the company for three of my four years).

Facebook reunited many of us “old-timers” this past Fall via internet. Then, the owners thought it would be fun to host a reunion at the end of January. How could I miss seeing all the people who had shaped my early years?

Not only did this small company set the stage for business practices that would shape my life forever, this is where my path of “personal development” began. Through tears of gratitude, I finally got to express my appreciation to Karen DeGraffenreid — in person, 22+ years later. I wouldn’t be who I am today without THIS beginning.


It was surreal to step back into a “happy hour” setting with all of my old colleagues — who pretty much looked the same. Maybe a few extra creases around the eyes marking the passage of two decades. And, all the personalities I knew and loved are as vibrant as ever!

TRA ALUMS – 20+ Years Later

DuWee, Anji, Diana, Mary & Kristin

Of course, a few things have changed and evolved since our journeys began at TRA back in 1988. Why oh why was it cool to have “big hair” back in the day?

In a spontaneous email, I promised I’d share a few old photos of my “big hair” days. Here I am at one of my infamous Xmas Parties. You’ll see I pretty much look “the same” — except for the BIG hair, shoulder pads and a few creases around the eyes. Oh to be young again!

Mary in 1989ish

Don’t you just love that belt?

…and those shoulder pads!

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