Inner Peace Offer – 5 Simple Secrets for Creating Success AND Inner Peace

A new set of challenges is testing the growing population of conscious achievers.

Are you one of them?

You want all the joys of success, yet have a sincere desire for something deeper.

In a hurry?  Want Success AND Inner Peace with no compromises?  Check out this No-Cost Call to find out how:

Awakening Beyond Achievement

For thousands of years, the only way to experience awakening was to isolate in a Buddhist monastery or Ashram, retreat from the material world and spend countless hours meditating, chanting and attend Satsang.

But in the last 20 years, have you noticed — something has shifted?

Not only are significantly more “regular” people having profound “spiritual awakenings,” but these awakenings are happening amidst everyday life, not in isolated situations.

You may have tapped into a newfound consciousness (or sense your radical awakening is coming soon), yet the kids still need carpooling, cell phones ring, the mortgage comes due each month and  economic challenges feed uncertainty.

And, many of us feel our souls calling us to contribute to the world in a bigger way — writing books, building companies and sharing our unique gifts with the world.

That means living fully into our goals and dreams.

This is an entirely different world than Buddha or Jesus awakened to.

Today, CEO’s, transformational leaders, busy moms and success-oriented entrepreneurs are finding themselves wanting the fulfillment of both success
AND inner peace.

Can we really enjoy BOTH?

It can be a very confusing proposition because…

  • Most success coaches insist on sacrificing your inner peace for victory of achievement (and after burning yourself out over and over again, you know this isn’t sustainable.)
  • Most spiritual teachers disregard all material success (and even if THEY are financially successful, they don’t offer direction for you to navigate the material world).


What if there was a coach who could guide you into “radical awakening” and help you integrate this new awareness into your everyday world?


What if this coach was also adept at helping people of all walks of life to realize their most important goals and greater success — such as, breaking six and seven figures, attracting your soulmate, getting out of debt, losing weight and
publishing books?

I’m Mary Allen, and I’m that coach.

“Mary Allen is one of the rare teachers around today who has the honesty, the authenticity, the articulation and the humor to help you shift out of your mind and into the unlimited possibilities of living in the present moment.”
— Arjuna Ardagh, Author of The Translucent Revolution

On Thursday, April 15th at 5pm PT (8pm ET), I’m hosting a live teleconference.

5 Simple Secrets For Creating and Sustaining Success

AND Inner Peace In Today’s Busy World


On this call you’ll learn:

  • Why “spiritual awakening” is your single biggest asset to your success and inner peace.
  • How you can enjoy the countless blessings of awakening without joining a Zen monastery, meditating 10 hours a day or renouncing all material goods.
  • What the most successful “conscious achievers” do to manifest their visions easily and effortlessly.
  • The keys to creating sustainable inspiration so you stop procrastinating on your most important goals.
  • The single BIGGEST distracting influence impeding success and inner peace (that most people are completely unaware of.)
  • How to integrate “Awakening” into everyday life WHILE you achieve success and your income soars.

On this call I’ll also personally invite you to join me in one of 5-cities for the AWAKENING BEYOND ACHIEVEMENT TOUR.

To register for this 90 minute call, go to:

“You’re irresistible, so authentic. In reading your email, website, everything around you. It’s authentic. There are no catches. No hidden stuff. Mary, I appreciate your time,
effort and talents in bringing peace to this planet.”

— Byron Katie, Author of Loving What Is

“Mary Allen is the real deal and she can show you how to awaken your deepest desires and achieve your biggest goals while nourishing your soul on all levels.”
— Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret

You really can enjoy create and sustain BOTH success AND inner peace.

You deserve both, don’t you?


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