Inner peace is always moments away…

We’ve been preparing for the arrival of our little boy and girl by attending classes about labor, delivery, twin births, breast-feeding and those early weeks of caring for newborns.  I have to admit, I really thought they were leaving out one of the birthing options!  Surely, there  must be another way to deliver than the ones they laid out, right?  Sadly, no 🙁

The “Babies Multiplied” class emphasized how overwhelming those first several months will be, and how much help we’ll need.  It definitely had my husband quite concerned, and he doesn’t easily ruffle.

And, of course, we’ve received lots of “It’s going to be HARD.” And, “You’re going to be exhausted.”  (Nice positive affirmations, don’t you think?)  I know, I know, they were just giving me a dose of reality.

As we left the Babies Multiplied class, the nurse said, “Just don’t stress out.”

Here’s where I turned and smiled.

If there is ONE thing going for us, I’m really clear on how to find and return to inner peace.

And to set the systems in place to allow space for inner peace to thrive.

Since I haven’t been in labor, delivered a baby or had the opportunity to breast-feed every 2-3 hours in the middle of the night, it may sound arrogant to think I can somehow do this with my inner peace intact…. even SOME of the time.

But, over the last 6 years, I’ve not only gotten precisely clear on where inner peace resides in me… I’ve become adept at returning to sanity and calm — even in the most emotionally turbulent of times.  (And, I’ve gotten really good at showing others how to do the same.)

Granted, sleep deprivation, turns the degree of difficulty up exponentially.

I won’t say I’ll be smiling peacefully ALL the way through labor, delivery and recovery.  I won’t promise NOT to snap at John when I’m sleep deprived.  And I won’t promise to not feel frustrated, overwhelmed or desperate at times…

But, I do know…without a shadow of a doubt, that inner peace is always moments away.

If you’d like to have this same confidence in staying present with yourself even when pain is high, your limbic brain (aka – emotional center) is seemingly out of control and mental warfare is chronic, then….

I invite you to join me next month for 2-days at the Inner Peace Infusion Retreat – May 12-13th in Ojai, CA.

Meditation Mount has invited me to lead this workshop by providing their gorgeous facilities and promoting to their community.  You’ll see how perfect this setting is to:

* Discover how to quickly return to inner peace regardless of what’s going on externally – or in your mind

* Be guided, so you know without a shadow of a doubt, where to find inner peace.

* Transform the biggest impediments to inner peace.

* Master the two most important relationships for inner peace.

And, when you CLICK HERE, you’ll discover how affordable it is to join us for these 2 full days.

Please check out all the details ASAP, so you can clear your calendar and take one of the sacred spaces BEFORE it fills up.

Since the babies are due in early August, this is the ONLY live event I’m leading in 2012.

Mastering inner peace can give you the confidence to handle anything life throws your way….even things WAY more challenging than having twins.

Please join me on May 12-13th in Ojai, CA at the Inner Peace Infusion Retreat!

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