Inner Peace… in the NOW

Finding Peace in the NOW…

Monday, April 5th was my birthday. Typically birthdays are a day to take-off work, get a facial, pamper oneself and bask in celebration…right?

Well, sort of.

This year’s birthday came in the middle of LOTS of projects coming to fruition. Launching a 5-city tour, 4 JV calls next week, introducing a new affiliate program (coming soon!) and a whole bunch of other “still top secret” projects! With everything on the schedule, there was exactly ONE full free day left between now and a trip to Cabo in less than two weeks. Talk about pressure.

As I slipped into my office chair Monday morning, the flurry of birthday emails and calls added another level of overwhelm. (I WANTED to respond to everyone…but it became clear quickly that wasn’t going to happen.) And as much as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them all — the truth is — sometimes it’s just plain overwhelming! (Anyone with a Facebook account has had this experience, right?)

Meanwhile I sent off numerous emails to my team, as I responded to as many “business” emails as possible (plus quite a few birthday emails – I couldn’t help it!)

About 1:30pm, I pulled myself away from the computer for a delicious smoked salmon salad with Goddess dressing (YUM!)

As I sat there, I noticed something.

Even though, my reservoir of inner peace has been at an all-time high lately (attending two different 5 day retreats last month helped)…in THAT moment, my life wasn’t feeling so spacious and peaceful. I almost used the “S word” ==> STRESS (you must know America’s Inner Peace Coach doesn’t like to give that word energy if at all possible). What a drag! Especially since it WAS my birthday. Wasn’t I supposed to be happy and peaceful all day?

So, what did I do?

The Inner Peace Secret

Simple. As I forked up the hearts of palm, avocado and grape tomatoes, I gently focused on bringing my energy back into my body. I started breathing…peacefully.

In…and out…In…and out…In…and out…

Our energy gets dispersed in countless ways.

When we think of to-do’s for Project A — that’s one bucket of energy. When there are 5 other tasks for Project B, there goes another bucket of energy. Feeling a tug to go play, another bucket of energy. Any should, to-do, email, phone call, upcoming appointment or commitment all take our energy.

But, when we bring all our energy back into our body, our being and our breath…we recognize a profound truth.

In this moment…ALL IS WELL.

Here’s the visual that helps me.

You know those retractable dog leashes?

The ones where you push a button and the leash magically pulls itself back into its protective casing?

Just like you push the button to automatically PULL the long leash into place…

Metaphorically…one “push of the button” and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzup!! Just like that you’re in the NOW — ALL of you. Recognizing the perfection of this moment.

Imagine doing this…right here, right now. What do you notice?

As you allow all your energy to come back to you, it becomes clear what the next priority is. Decisions become easy. Action takes place effortlessly. A serene peaceful power is at the helm of your life.

You become like an expert skier navigating a mountain full of moguls…gracefully gliding between them, allowing a rhythm to set in — and having a blast!

PEACE in the NOW

From this place of NOW, I handled the most important tasks of the day, including putting this ezine together in record time.

And, now it’s clear to me — it’s time to zip over to Laguna Beach for a sunset cocktail. After all, the pouring rains today stopped…and all that remains is a beautiful blue sky.

So, the next time you’re feeling yourself pulled into various “energy buckets” — take a moment, and consciously bring all your energy back into your body. With a little attention…you’ll be feeling inner peace.


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