Inner Peace: How to stay in peace throughout the day (and holidays!)

A few weeks ago, you had the chance to answer 3 questions about inner peace.  If you haven’t chimed in yet, I’d love, love, love your input HERE.

If you participated in the survey… thank you, thank you, thank you!  I’m super excited to start addressing each and every question, and promise I’ll get to each of them, one way or another.  Stay tuned!

By far, the single biggest question that came up over and over again was about KEEPING inner peace. 

* How do I stay in peace throughout the day?
* How do I keep it “daily” no matter what happens?
* How do I preserve inner peace forever?
* How do I find and maintain inner peace while I move through a lot of financial stress and ambiguity with my pending divorce and raising four children?
* And since the holidays are upon us, how do I keep inner peace alive throughout the holidays?

There are definitely specific tactics to address inner peace issues during the holidays, divorce, financial stress, raising children or handling “daily” life.  And, I also use the 12 Facets of Inner Peace to help me navigate back to inner peace in challenging circumstances.

But, today I want to focus on the foundation you need regardless of the challenge of the moment.  Embracing these principles and mindsets will help you stay sane throughout the holidays and keep you agile when life’s tests splat in your face.

3 Foundational Keys to Keep Inner Peace Alive Throughout Each Day.

Mindset is everything. If all you did was focus on these 3, you’ll find it easier to stay in peace.

1.  Acknowledge the reality of life… it ebbs and flows.  As much as I wish there was 7 steps to creating inner peace forever and amen, the reality is — life is messy — and dynamic.  It’s constantly in motion.  Throughout a single day, life promises to ebb and flow.  Your emotions are going to get tested.  People don’t always live into the fantasy of who we want them to be.  Bank accounts expand and contract.  Our bodies don’t always have the energy or health we need.  And just when we’re in a cool groove, change happens — you have to move, a loved one dies or gets sick, divorce is upon you, you lose a client or job or some other drama sucks your time for a period.  Even minor nuisances can be enough to throw your inner peace out of kilter.

So how about we stop pretending perfection is possible?  THAT is the first step. Allowing the ebbs and flows of life to happen as they will.

Think about white-water rafting down a river. You expect to make twists and turns, see rocks and obstacles, and go faster and slower in different parts of the river.  That’s part of the excitement of white-water rafting, and life!

Life ebbs and flows too.  Isn’t that your experience?

When you embrace this mindset fully, you’ll more easily take otherwise shocking news and navigate challenging life situations in stride. Maybe even with a smile on your face. 

Yesterday, I got a call from a consultant who is working on my website.  She said, “I’ve got bad news.  You’ve been link bombed!  There are 2100 links on your site that don’t have anything to do with your business.” 

Bummer, right?  (I didn’t know what that meant in the moment, but not so good if you want Google to think you have an awesome website)

After a few minutes, she went on to say that she and her partner were clearly WAY more upset about this than I was, and it wasn’t even their website.

I’m often shocked when people think I should be upset, and I’m honestly not.

I told her, it just doesn’t make sense to waste energy on being upset about something that I didn’t know about, and was outside my control.  Right?  Life happened.  Hello “ebb.”  I was, however, VERY eager to get this resolved and stayed focused on finding a solution until it was resolved. Hurray!  Turns out the solution was WAY easier than we thought too.

Every day my toddlers fling food on the floor, yank a toy from the other’s little hands, or fuss because I’m not letting them chew on my iPhone.  We all know these behaviors are “normal” occurrences.  LOL! At least for 16 month olds.  That doesn’t mean I don’t get annoyed when I have to bend my aching body over pick up O’s off the floor for the thousandth time.  But, the quicker I remember “this is just what’s happening”  — and simply respond, the quicker I find my inner peace resuming.  And many times, I simply look at picking up O’s as bonus exercise!

So what about preserving inner peace forever? 

Unfortunately, that’s not how life works.   If you’re human, it’s simply going to ebb and flow.  But, when you embrace this reality, you’ll likely find yourself experiencing inner peace more often, even in moments other people think you should be upset.

2.  Allow SELF LOVE to be your guiding compass for greater inner peace.   The more you love yourself, the easier it’ll be to keep inner peace alive in your life.

When you love yourself, you naturally want to take care of yourself by eating healthy foods, getting plenty of sleep, exercising and meditating, all of which will support your inner peace. 

When you love yourself, you’ll find it easier to have healthy boundaries so you can avoid resenting someone because you said “yes” to something you knew in your heart was a “no.”

The more you love yourself, the less likely you’ll be to overschedule or overcommit yourself, which depletes your precious energy to fumes and leaves you no time to rest, reflect or have the quality connect time with loved ones.

You’ll be inspired to plan ahead so you can avoid the stress of last minute rushing — like holiday shopping, sending Christmas cards out or arriving late to an appointment. 

You’ll make wise choices when it comes to spending or investing money, navigating a divorce with minimal drama and consciously raising your children.  Because when you love yourself you don’t want added financial pressure, you don’t want to waste precious time on drama, and you’ll naturally teach your children how to respect you.

When you really love yourself, you naturally give yourself full permission to pursue your goals and dreams.  You’ll seek out the friendships and relationships that nourish you.  You’ll charge what you’re worth.  You’ll allow yourself to enjoy as many moments as possible.

All of which adds to your inner peace.

Do you see the connection?

Self-love IS a guiding compass for inner peace.

When you value inner peace and you’re present with the things that stress you — out of self love — you’re naturally going to want to prevent, avoid or minimize stress in your life and maximize the things that bring you joy and fulfillment.

Love yourself A LOT throughout the holidays, and you’ll likely find your happiest and most peace-filled season ever.  

Let self love be your guiding compass for inner peace.  When inner peace is a priority, you simply make different choices.

3.  Treat inner peace as a game of growth.    What if every time your inner peace was disrupted, you simply looked at it as an opportunity to deepen your inner peace?  And, isn’t that the truth?

When our inner peace is compromised, it’s a clue that we’re out of alignment with life or our authentic self.  I often talk about “resistance” as being an indicator letting us know we’re not at peace.  Resistance shows up as fear, stress, frustration, doubt, worry, anxiety, being judgmental, impatience and reactivity. There are lots of ways of dancing with resistance, but the most important is diving into it versus running from it.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve found myself being rather judgmental of a friend who is really good at keeping others at a distance emotionally.  After running this pattern a few times, I decided to use my reactive judgment as an opportunity to take a closer look at how I keep my distance emotionally from loved ones.  It wasn’t comfortable.  But in that awareness, it allowed my heart to soften and my love to grow.Think about your favorite sport.  Whether it’s tennis, skiing, yoga, running, surfing, sailing or any other activity, there is a sweetspot.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  You’re in motion, yet in full alignment.  Hitting the ball in just the right way.  Dancing through moguls in the snow.  In a yoga posture in right way.  In the zone.  Riding a wave with momentum. Or maximizing the power of the wind with just the right about of tacking of your sail.

In the same way, if you’re constantly looking for those sweetspots of inner peace — where you’re in action yet calm and centered inside — you’ll find yourself stumbling into more and more of them.

Chances are, you love to learn and grow.  So now you’ve got a fun new way to grow on a daily basis if you choose to.

Experiment with these 3 key foundational mindsets over the next few weeks.  Let me know how it goes by sharing your comments below.

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