Inner Peace Calls

While it’s physically impossible to bring the peace-filled weather to you (unless you already live here),  I CAN bring you a perfect balance of inner peace and power! And, that’s exactly what I’m planning to do.

We wouldn’t think about vacuuming the carpet without the power cord connected firmly into the electrical socket. Would we?

Yet, so many are living life without being grounded in inner peace and power (aka: attempting to vacuum the floor without plugging the plug into the power source). Seems silly to operate ANYTHING without a power source, right? Especially our lives! Being disconnected or partially connected, makes everything 1000’s of times more difficult, allows snippety words to accidentally slip out -hurting our partners (or children’s) feelings, and has us feeling horrible about ourselves for not being able to take action on our biggest dreams. Among other things…

That’s why I’m on a mission in September. I’m hosting 5 live calls. Each one is focused on YOUR INNER PEACE and POWER, so you can experience the ease of life when you’re fully “plugged into your power source.” Imagine riding a wave on a surf board, navigating rapids on a raging river or bouncing between moguls on a ski mountain WHILE clearly in your power. It’s exhilarating and fun! (vs. scary & awkward!) Like these dolphins!

Pick and choose the topics most relevant to you. They are all free! I highly recommend you attend each of them if you can (and yes, I’ll be recording them and sending you links afterwards). I’ve even lined up a couple guests, including my mentor Arjuna Ardagh! If you’ve already visited: and entered your name and mailing address — you’re set for 4 of the 5 calls. Just mark your calendar.

Inner Peace Calls

Sept. 9th at 1pm PT
Sept. 15th at 5pm PT
Sept. 22nd at 5pm PT
Oct. 7th at 1pm PT

CLICK HERE To Register

To make sure you don’t miss the calls you want most, when you register,  you’ll be receiving a few more emails from me over the coming weeks.

Since email is something we all have in abundance, you could choose to get annoyed by the extra emails (Yikes!) As America’s Inner Peace Coach, that would make me sad :-(. I’m all about you connecting to your inner peace and power…and that’s exactly what these calls are about.

So, I’d like to invite you to RECEIVE every email from me as a little reminder to tune into yourself, to your inner peace, to your inner power. Check in with your breath. Are you breathing easily? Or is your chest tight and constricted? Take 30-60 seconds to become present EACH time you receive a communication from me. Make it a practice. Even if you can’t attend a single call, consciously connecting to your power is a gift worth giving yourself.

Of course, you may also appreciate the reminder about a call, jot down call-in information…and then carry on with your day — being little more connected to your inner peace and power.

What if everything in your life could be the same???

Maybe it can.

Maybe everything in your life is a reminder to connect to your inner peace and power.


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