Inner Peace, Spiritual Awakening & Coming Out of the Closet

So, it’s true.  I’m coming out of the closet (again!)

No, no, no, I’m NOT leaving John for a woman…I’m coming out of the closet (again) — in a different way.

Here’s what happened…10 years ago, I had an experience that changed my life forever — giving me access to an inner peace I’d never known.

While I’ve been very public about INNER PEACE as my passion, I mostly keep the greatest source of THAT inner peace “in the closet”… and that’s AWAKENING.

For years, even as my awakening and inner peace has deepened, I wasn’t sure how to offer “awakening” directly to others – or how to speak about it confidently.

But, all that changed a few years ago.  I have the clarity and precision to expertly guide others, including YOU, into “radical awakening” and I’ve now done this for hundreds of clients and workshop participants. 

This is just ONE of the gifts you’ll experience when you take advantage of the SPECIAL GRATITUDE SALE going on now. I’ve bundled my “Awakening Beyond Achievement Home Study Course” with several BONUS gifts that give you everything you need to find, keep and deepen inner peace.  For reals.

It’ll also set up your 2014 to be one of your best years ever. (I believe that living into your goals and dreams is one of the best ways to deepen inner peace in your life.)

You can read about the full offering at:

Make this tiny investment in yourself and I promise to give you access to the greatest reservoir of inner peace known to mankind.  And, I’ll show you how to access “sustainable inspiration” to enjoy the success side of life too. Sound like a tall order, but I promise I can deliver.

Looking forward to our continued conversation about awakening.

Here’s to your success and inner peace,


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