Inner Peace – Awakening Beyond Achievement Tour

I’m finally coming out of the closet!!!

And I’m giddy with excitement (and a wee bit nervous)…

No, no, no, I’m NOT leaving John for a woman…I’m coming out of the closet — in a different way.

You see, 7 years ago, I had an experience that changed my life forever — giving me access to an inner peace I’d never known.

While I’ve been very public about INNER PEACE as my passion, I’ve been “in the closet” about the greatest source of THAT inner peace…and that’s AWAKENING.

Yet, over the years, even as my awakening and inner peace deepened, I still wasn’t sure how to offer “awakening” directly to others – or how to speak about it confidently.

I finally have the clarity and precision to expertly guide others, including YOU, into “radical awakening.”

This is just ONE of the gifts you’ll experience at the “Awakening Beyond Achievement Tour.”

Yes, after month’s of preparation, registration for my 5-city “Awakening Beyond Achievement Tour ” is officially OPEN!

The first 25 people who register in each city, receive VIP status (for NO additional cost) . This gives you VIP seating, an opportunity for one-on-one coaching during the event…and an invitation to a private VIP reception with me — immediately after the event.

Look for the city nearest you… and register ASAP! (Spaces are filling since I’ve had several “behind-the -scenes” conversations already!)

So excited about the opportunity to meet YOU personally!

I’ll be visiting…

– May 1st – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
– May 22nd – New York City, NY
– June 12th – San Francisco, CA
– July 10th – Dallas, TX
– August 7th – Newport Beach, CA

You can read about the full offering at:

Give me one day…

I promise to give you access to the greatest reservoir of inner peace known to mankind.  And, I’ll show you how to access “sustainable inspiration” to enjoy the success side of life too.

Looking forward to our continued conversation about awakening.

To your success and inner peace,


PS:  Claim your VIP ticket right now at:

See you on tour!


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