Inner Peace and the 7 Keys to Profound Happiness – #2 Daily Gratitude

2.  Daily Gratitude.

This isn’t a new concept.  However, putting it CONSISTENTLY into practice IS new, at least for me.

At the Mega-Book Marketing conference, I heard Jack Canfield speak about the “gratitude rituals” of featured speakers in The Secret. Apparently, each morning before Rhonda Byrne gets out of bed, she connects with feelings of “gratitude” until a tear comes to her eye.  Jack writes several “gratitudes” in his journal each morning before he gets up.   I also know Oprah has been flexing the “gratitude” muscle for years.  She writes down at least five things she’s grateful for at the end of each day.  Hmmmm.

In my book, The Power of Inner Choice, and in my upcoming Momentum Circle (more on that coming!), I talk about the importance of keeping your energy vibration high.  One of the most effective is through “daily gratitude.”  I haven’t always been consistent.  But, I got inspired.

At the end of EACH day, I go to a Word document in my computer called “Gratitudes.doc”. I type in my “gratitudes,” which for me, also include the big and little successes of the day.  Completing the day on a high note of appreciation is amazing.  And, it’s much harder to forget the good stuff pouring in when you’re writing it down each day.  The compounding effect of this simple choice each day has contributed significantly to my happiness.  And, it seems to be attracting more and more items to include on my ever-expanding gratitude list.

If you like to journal, you may want to pick up the 365 Days of Gratitude journal by Sherrie Austin.  On her website you may also sign-up for a “daily dose of gratitude” at

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