Inner Peace and the 7 Keys to Profound Happiness – #1 Weekly Check-Ups

Some days my happiness quotient feels like it’s sailing off the charts.  Maybe it seems I’m always rather cheerful.  Trust me, I’ve ridden my share of emotional roller coasters.  I’ve prided myself in being “very human,” which — in my mind — meant feeling every human emotion. But, maybe my husband is right.  Maybe HAPPINESS IS the default state.  Maybe if all resistance is simply removed from life, happiness naturally emerges.

I believe there are seven distinct elements, which have to come together.  I imagine if you focused on these elements … you’d be deliriously happy too.

I’ll share one with you here each week.

Happiness Key #1 – Weekly Check-Ups

For my Success and Inner Peace Bootcamps, I created a weekly preparation form, supporting participants to integrate key elements of the program.   Participants share progress towards top goals, and elements relating to “inner peace.”  After seeing participants share for several weeks, I committed to completing the form too.

There is something profound about reporting your life to another, whether to a coach or group.  This is where happiness starts to swell for me.

Some of my favorite questions on the Bootcamp Prep Form include:

  • What has contributed to my sense of “inner peace” over the last week?
  • What “inner peace culprits” interrupted my connection?   How can I eliminate this “inner peace culprit
  • How have I responded to Spirit over the last week?
  • What new distinctions, realizations or insights have occurred to me over the past week?
  • Where is my next opportunity for a breakthrough? (i.e. shifting a limiting belief, etc.)

Why not give the Weekly Check-Up a try?  Let me know how it works for you!

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