Inner Peace and Spring Cleaning – Move 21 Items

Feeling stuck? In a holding pattern in your work, health or relationships? Are you ready to “stir up the energy” and create some momentum? Here’s a simple assignment that will help you “unclog”…and get the energy moving in your life.

SOULFUL CHALLENGE: Move 21 Items in your home or office. That’s it. Yes, it’s that simple. You may be saying, “Shouldn’t I be focusing on my work or relationship, if that is what’s feeling stuck?” Well, yes and no. Our environments are a direct reflection of our lives … whether we choose to believe it or not. Find someone in complete overwhelm, and we’ll find lots of clutter, disorganization and mess. Find someone whose life is rigid and structured and you’re likely to find order. Move the energy in your environment…and by moving the objects in it … you’ll move the energy in your life.

Moving items in your home can include BIG changes like moving artwork, rearranging furniture, plants or knick-knacks. It can also be small, subtle changes like organizing a pile of books, removing clutter from a closet, rearranging the pillows on your couch, or switching up the order of something on a counter or desk. The idea is for 21 things to physically be different. You’ll feel energized by the experience!

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