Inner Peace and Owning your Power, with Gaile Burchill

“What’s Possible When You Own Your Power” by Gaile Burchill

Note From Mary: One of the women I admire deeply is Gaile Burchill. She’s not only been a client and student of mine, she was instrumental in the success of the Awakening Beyond Achievement Tour. She happens to be participating in my latest Ultimate Impact Program: Peace, Power and Prosperity for Transformational Leaders.

Since enrollments started rolling in weeks ago, we started pre-calls to support those coaches ready to begin. When Gaile shared with me her “shift” – and all of the tangible results she recently experienced, it was so inspiring – it deserved to be a feature article.

As you hear Gaile’s story, perhaps you may find yourself connecting more deeply to what’s possible for you when you OWN your power in a new way. So often we minimize our gifts, allowing procrastination and distraction to thwart our good intentions. You’ll see how quickly this can change … when you make ONE decision.

Gaile’s Story: I’ve had the privilege of participating in the pre-calls for the upcoming Ultimate Impact Program: Peace, Power and Prosperity for Transformational Leaders. To be honest, as soon as I knew Mary was developing a new program, I was in.  I’m a graduate of one of her original year long courses many years ago, and participating in that program made a huge difference for me at the time.  Having the distinctions of inner peace and success I started to practice back then, continue to make a difference for me to this day.

But I digress.  What I wanted to share with you is the difference this course has already made in my life … AND THE COURSE HASN’T EVEN OFFICIALLY BEGUN!

First, out of just committing to participate, I find that I am able to finally OWN that I am a transformational leader and I have something to offer others.  It looks different than I thought it would, but I’m clear that what I’m up to is providing something others are looking for.

Out of the first pre-call I attended, I found myself inspired to take action on something my partner (in business and in life) and I had been talking about for a very long time, but hadn’t actually gotten started.  We both are passionate that people know how magnificent they are!  And know they have the power to create and live amazing lives, right here and right now.

But, we weren’t sure of how we wanted to work together to bring this message to the world, to celebrate the creative genius in all of us.  I now believe our “unsureness” was mostly an unwillingness, until a few weeks ago, to actually just get out there and make the difference we’re committed to making!

You see, we had to just own up that this is who we are, acknowledge what we’re passionate about and get started!

So, out of the initial pre-call, I started translating recordings and compiling them into a book, our first Beloved Book, which is now scheduled to be published and available by mid-October!  My partner, Kenton David Bell, is, among other gifts, a Channel and receives information directly from an energy source called the Beloved.  The Beloved celebrates, from their unique perspective, who we are and why we’re here and offers information on how to embrace and express our creative genius in this world.  We were receiving this information, but we hadn’t yet stepped up to the plate to share this information with the world!

What has happened: Since the first of three pre-calls…

1) We have a completed manuscript which will be available for sale as a printed book by mid-October through, an company. Look for “Remembrance: The Keys to Creating and Experiencing Heaven on Earth.

2) We have launched a “Messages from the Beloved” free subscription service to have the energy and messages from the Beloved easily available to people around the world and to begin to create an opt-in mailing list community who we can share other offerings as they become available.

3) Ten days into the process, and with no prior experience, we have successfully created an auto-responder program that fulfills this service automatically and we have 108 current subscribers. We have 412 fans on our “Messages from the Beloved” FaceBook page from at least 7 countries around the world.

4) We have had 287 new visitors to our website from over 25 countries from around the world (from Russia to China to Australia and many countries in between!)

5) We are at work on the audio version of Book One while we are already channeling the material for Book Two.

6) And, we are preparing to lead our first live workshops in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, Cancun and San Diego in the next 8 weeks.

Bottom line, we are in action.  We are experiencing great momentum in pursuing our dreams coming true, and we are so deliriously happy in our lives now that we are actually ON MISSION and doing what we’re clear we are here to do, making a valuable difference for others.

I share this with you today for this reason:  If you have something to offer the world and you’re not offering it yet; or, you’ve already started but your reach isn’t yet as expansive or as impactful yet as you’d like it be, Ultimate Impact is THE PLACE FOR YOU TO BE!  And it’s not too late!

Fortunately, Mary offered these pre-calls so some of us have already had the opportunity to get started on what I know will be an amazing, delicious, fulfilling ride for the next year.  So come join me!  Join all of us.  Let’s make the impact we’re committed to making. And let’s do it together!

Gaile Burchill
Twin Flame Enterprises
(928) 274-4835

For details about Ultimate Impact, visit:

Who knows, maybe we’ll be sharing YOUR story with 10,000’s in a future issue of SoulFULLY Living…


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