Inner Peace and Ditching Depression after 9 Numb Years

It gives me chill bumps when I hear stories like the one today …

Stephanie has two daughters.  When her youngest was a mere 8 months old, she was smacked with her husband’s duplicitous life, after he returned from a vacation with his mistress. This was after 14 years of marriage!


Blindsided and devastated, she was left with two babies and the vast responsibilities as a working physician.

To numb the pain, she joined millions of Americans in the most acceptable, but debilitating addiction of our time.  As a workaholic, she enthusiastically lost herself in double shifts and being “on call.”  After all, she wanted to provide for her children, right?

After years of her self-prescribed pity party, she realized her stark absence from her sprouting children.  So, she transferred into the neo-natal intensive care unit of a hospital.  While not exactly a “stress-free” zone, it freed up time for more mothering activities, like shuttling kids to and from school.

It was about this time, Stephanie began indulging in self-help books of every kind.


Pain has ignited more than one of us on the path of inner transformation, hasn’t it?

To learn how Stephanie ditched her depression …

While she had luxuriously more time on her hands, sadly she found herself “going through the motions of life”… and sleeping A LOT.  Moments after shuttling kids to school, she’d sheepishly crawl back in bed, pulling the covers over her head … again and again.  It was easy to justify, since she touted her “hard work” as the real culprit.

After 9 years, this unconscious pattern of stress screamed louder and louder, and she found herself at my 1-Day  “Awakening Beyond Achievement” event in New York City … and life began to turn around.

Then, Stephanie diligently showed up to 2 calls a month in my Momentum Mastery Monthly program.  More importantly, she challenged herself to conscientiously APPLY the recommended exercises each and every week without fail.

The crescendo came on a morning meditation walk at Ohm Hill at the Inner Peace Immersion Retreat last Fall.  After regurgitating her searing betrayal for 9 years, and a conversation with God, she consciously left this history on the hill for good.

She immersed her being in inner peace, and welcomed all the tools to support this fresh aliveness.

After returning home, she kept “waiting to switch back” to her old familiar inner turmoil.  She waited, and waited, and waited.

But, inner peace kept shining.

And when she lapsed into a “pity-party,” a few hours later it had disintegrated.  Vastly different than being kicked out of circulation for weeks, months or years, as her previous habit had fostered.  Wow!

A few months ago, she recognized her “ex’s car” in the driveway. There was NO visceral reaction. None.  “It was like seeing a stranger’s car.”  That’s when she knew her “old ways” weren’t coming back.

Inspiring, huh?

If you want to radically transform your inner world too, you may be delighted to know you can tap into the same resources that allowed Stephanie to ditch 9 years of depression within a few short months.

Out of her newfound inner peace, this working Mom launched a new business to serve the distraught parents in the neo-natal intensive care units (NICU) of hospitals.  Her two children enjoy a fully present Mom, who no longer needs to medicate herself with work or sleep to get through life… she’s LIVING it!

Here’s to your inner peace.


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