Inner Peace and 6 Keys to Being CALM in the Eye of the Storm – 3. Live From the Present Moment

3.  Live from the present moment. You can witness a “storm” as a beautiful act of nature, or focus on the damage that may ensue (FUTURE) or the damage already done (PAST).  Focusing on the past or the future takes you out of the present moment, and immediately places you in fear, worry or stress.  Dwelling on a worst case scenario that may never come is wasted energy.


When we’re truly PRESENT to the moment, it becomes clear what the next step is.  In the present moment you have the greatest access to wisdom and guidance.  While anticipating the future is useful, we don’t want to live there … especially during a storm.  CALM comes from having ALL of your energy with you in present time. Just as you lose your power and center when your energy is wrapped up in someone else’s problem outside yourself, you lose energy when you dwell too much in the future or past.  Be here now.

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