Inner Peace and 6 Keys to Being CALM in the Eye of the Storm – #2. Surrender to “What Is”

2.  Surrender to “What Is.” The “storm” is happening. Okay, so it is. Quit wishing that “reality” were different than it is. It’s raining, snowing or hailing. You CAN’T control it.  How do you surrender to “what is?” You simply let go.

You can’t control the stressed emotions or behaviors of another human being. You can’t control events. You can’t control the decisions of customers. You can’t control blocks that come up along the way. You can’t control time.

There are certain steps to establishing or igniting a business. However, as we see things for what they are, you realize you CAN control your internal emotional experience.  Or at least influence it.

As you are grounded in yourself, you can ALWAYS handle “what is”.

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