Inner Peace and 6 Keys to Being CALM in the Eye of the Storm – #1. Be Grounded and Connected to Yourself

Your life is going reasonably well.  You’re focused, “on track” and feeling centered …yet all of a sudden your workload triples, an employee leaves, a significant person in your life becomes emotionally distraught, or perhaps a death or illness surprises the family.  Sometimes when coaching, it seems that every client I work with has their own version of a “storm” happening in their world.  One of my strengths as a coach is guiding my clients in living and working from greater states of peace, centeredness and balance.  This is the essential ingredient for magnetizing success and fulfillment, whether you are developing a relationship, own a business, manage a team, raise children, trade in the stock market, or are losing weight.

Your outside world doesn’t have to equal your inside world. Life is always presenting new challenges to strengthen our spirit, expand our consciousness, and foster growth.  Learning how to master accessing the “calm” in any storm is a worthy goal, but it is obtainable.  What is your current “storm”?  I challenge you to find your center in the eye of it all. Here are the Keys to Being CALM in the Eye of the Storm – in a 6 part series:

1.  Be Grounded and Connected to Yourself.

When external chaos arises in our environment, there is a natural human tendency to focus outward on “solving the problem”.  When too much of our energy gets tied up “over there”, we can lose our center and our power.  This is the most essential ingredient in “successfully dancing” with ANY challenge or difficult situation.  Get reconnected to your power immediately.  When we aren’t grounded, we lose access to our intuition, best thinking and resources to handle the situation.

Being grounded means being connected to your body, and your power.  Breathe.  Stand up.  Feel your legs under you, connected solidly to the ground. Imagine a steel rod extending down through the back of your spine into the core of the earth, while simultaneously extending up through the crown of your head into the sky.  Breathe.  You may also recall a time in your life when you were exceptionally grounded.  Performing well in sports or business.  The more you become conscious of accessing your power and sense of grounded-ness, the more you will naturally live from this space.

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