Inner Peace: 10 ½ Keys to Living Fully Fulfilled – Key #9 – Set a Purposeful Goal, then go ACHIEVE it!

key2While fulfillment isn’t ALL about achievement, it plays a vital role that cannot be ignored. As human beings we have an innate need to be useful, to achieve, to create, to be challenged and to contribute. AND, we NEED meaningful goals.

Work and career is a natural place to fulfill this need, especially if there are always new goals to keep us challenged. When this structure is taken away (i.e. husband supports a non-working wife with no children), the people I interviewed reported “feeling a void” – and were searching for ways to create that sense of “purposeful achievement”. Over time the need to “purposefully achieve” overpowered the sense of fulfillment which came from time freedom.

How do you get your need to “purposefully achieve” met on an on-going basis? Set yourself up to enjoy the pleasures of achieving. What achievements give you the highest level of satisfaction? Set a goal, achieve it, and thoroughly enjoy that level of satisfaction in knowing YOU DID IT!

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