Inner Peace: 10 ½ Keys to Living Fully Fulfilled – Key #8 – Surround Yourself with Beauty

key2This is the simplest and easiest key to fulfillment AND it clearly contributes to joy and happiness. Surrounding yourself with beauty means creating an environment that is appealing, supportive, nurturing, pleasant and delightful to YOU.

Your environment is one of the most powerful influences on your energy, your mood, your creativity – and your fulfillment. Your home and work environments are two obvious places to start. Pictures of friends & family, fresh flowers, plants, art and meaningful knick-knacks are simple ways to personalize and brighten your environment.

Secondly, spend time in nature and enjoy life’s natural beauty – the ocean, mountains or even a local lake or park will stimulate your senses and alleviate your stresses.

PEOPLE make up the third component in your “beautiful” environment. I’m not talking about physical beauty; I’m talking about supportive, nurturing, energizing relationships that contribute to your overall fulfillment. Get yourself some fresh flowers for your desk, visit nature at least once a week, and spend time with the people who love you most – and notice the impact of “beauty” on your life.

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