Inner Peace: 10 ½ Keys to Living Fully Fulfilled – Key #7 – Strengthen your CONNECTIONS

key2This is a BIG one, and deserves a lot of attention. For many, “fulfillment” is ALL about connection – and it’s important to each of us as human beings. There are three essential CONNECTIONS to strengthen and focus on that will create more fulfillment in your life. Each of these “essential connections” plays an important role in our lives. And each of us will prioritize this list differently.

1. First is your connection to YOURSELF. We focused on this component in KEY #4 – “Loving yourself to pieces“. It’s so important, I want to emphasize it again. Love yourself. Build a relationship with YOU. You are your own best friend (or own worst enemy). Support yourself, otherwise you deprive yourself one of the greatest sources of fulfillment and happiness. Fulfillment begins with YOU.
2. Second is your connection to OTHERS. Whether you consider yourself to be very social or somewhat independent, we live in “community” and our community affects us. We become the combined average of the five people we associate with most. What is your community doing to you to contribute to – or take away – your happiness? If you’re not 100% pleased with your answer, decide whom you’d like to hang out with – then, go find them. My “community” has contributed heap-loads, to who I’ve become as a human being, and to my abundant fulfillment. If you ARE already pleased with your “community”, what can you do to strengthen your relationships and create even more fulfillment?
3. Third is your connection to GOD or SPIRIT (however you define that all-knowing, powerful energy source). Everyone I’ve interviewed about fulfillment has intuitively known that their spiritual connection is one of the most important components to their ultimate happiness. Begin with an intention to strengthen this connection. Welcome in “spiritual” conversations, books or other means of exploring and expanding this connection. Spend time daily to nurture this ever-growing relationship. There is a mystical and intangible aspect to spirituality, therefore developing TRUST, faith and belief in this connection is key. What is one thing you will commit to doing to strengthen your spiritual connection?

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