Inner Peace: 10 ½ Keys to Living Fully Fulfilled – Key #6 – Embrace "Beingness" vs. "Doingness"

key2We are human BEINGs, not human DOINGs. And society has conditioned most of us to DO, DO, DO, and offered little to no “training” in simply “being”.

Underneath all the doing in life lies some sort of BEING energy – it may be determination, confidence, love or even anger, fear or depression. Some combination of BEING energy is ALWAYS driving the DOING energy, however most of us don’t consciously choose the energy that serves us most.

So, how do you want to BE?

A: Overwhelmed, angry and frazzled
B: Loving, clear and grounded
C:_____________ (you fill in the blank)?

Would the “being” states of A or B influence your “doingness” or output? Absolutely. The good news is, over time you can re-condition yourself to live in the states of “being” that support your highest happiness. Your “being” states dramatically impact your level of joy and satisfaction, whether you are conscious about it or not. Why not choose consciously?

What BEING states do you want more of in your life? What BEING states do you want less of? What will you choose?

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