Inner Peace: 10 ½ Keys to Living Fully Fulfilled – KEY #11: Trust the Process

So, you have gotten clear about WHO you are and WHAT you want. You are practicing the Art of Fulfillment. You are Strengthening your Connections and Surrounding Yourself with Beauty. You are setting goals and taking action. And still life does not seem to be cooperating.

This is where “trust” comes in. Life Is a process – with ebbs and flows, peaks and valleys. For every bump in the road, there IS a gift for you. The gift may be a “learning”, something to challenge or strengthen you, a new opportunity, or a chance meeting (like ours!).

Life offers us gifts every day, all day long, if we choose to look for them. As we combine our spiritual connection with an expectation that “life IS supporting our highest good”, we can relax a bit and begin to more fully enjoy our experience here as human beings.

Enjoy your journey!

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