Inner Peace: 10 ½ Keys to Living Fully Fulfilled – KEY #10: Practice the Art of Fulfillment

There are many components to the Art of Fulfillment

Creating magic moments
• Noticing life’s simple pleasures – the little things and the grand
• Being grateful
• Living your values and purpose
• Focusing on what’s already great
• Growing your connections – to self, to spirit, and to others

The Art of Fulfillment is about cultivating more happiness, more peace, more joy, more meaning, more purpose – aaaaahhhhhhh, MORE life fulfillment!!!

This key is SIMPLE. Focus on creating fulfillment – and YOU WILL attract it.

What is one “magic moment” you can create THIS WEEK? What are you GRATEFUL for? You CAN find fulfillment in looking at a flower or going to the grocery store – if you choose it. Schedule a “FULFILLMENT seeking week”. All week long focus on everything and anything that’s fulfilling to you. Discover new ones and search out others. The greater your intention to be fulfilled, the more ways you’ll find to create it.

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