Inner Peace: 10½ Keys to Living Fully Fulfilled – KEY #2 – Design your life around what's IMPORTANT

It’s one thing to know yourself, it’s another to DESIGN your life around what’s important. Start by determining what you LOVE that’s already in your life. There are aspects of your life that are already fulfilling to you – Congratulations! The more activities, people and time that is spent in alignment with your values, the more fulfilled you will be. When you are not in alignment with your values your life won’t flow as easily and you experience struggle, which is not fulfilling.

Select FIVE values and identify 1-3 ways you can honor each value every week, or every day! You’ll find some activities will honor many of your values simultaneously. Integrate these activities into your life. Make room for new activities by eliminating less fulfilling activities and energy drains. This may include spending LESS time with certain people. And soon you’ll be experiencing more and more fulfillment each day.

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