Inner Peace: 10½ Keys to Living Fully Fulfilled – KEY #1 – "Know Thy Self"

How well do you really know yourself? Society, the media and our professional worlds have influenced and colored who we are, just as expectations from spouses, family and friends. Most of us have grown up in a society that snubs selfishness, and praises “pleasing” others. It’s often hard to determine which values are yours, and which are Uncle Bob’s, the five o’clock news, or your bosses.

Our life truly begins when we ask ourselves, “Who am I?” and “What’s most important to me?” It’s not unusual to spend a large part of our lives, not knowing the person closest to us – “me”.

Get to know YOURSELF, as you would get to know a new lover. There are a myriad of ways to get in touch with YOU. Spend some time with the following questions: What is most important to me in life? What gives me the most JOY? What are my dreams and desires?

These questions will point you to your VALUES. Values are those qualities, interests or aspects of life, which have continuously drawn or attracted you since childhood. You may also ask questions like What do I despise most? What are my fears? The antithesis of these answers will give you another path to identify your values.

Notice how your body feels, reacts and responds in various situations. Is it joyful and expansive? Or resistant and shutdown? All of these elements are clues to discovering your personal recipe for fulfillment and uncovering YOUR personal values. Enjoy the process!

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