Holiday Inner Peace – Gratitude

thanksgivingThis week, gratitude is the perfect emotion to adopt. Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. Appreciation and gratitude are interchangeable. In gratitude there is acceptance, love and acknowledgment of “what is”. In gratitude, there is spaciousness and connectedness.

APPLICATION – Appreciate the moment. Appreciate your strengths and weaknesses. Appreciate who you are, a unique being with personality and soul. Appreciate the gifts and challenges in your life. Appreciate your work, income, clients, employer, employees and referrals. Appreciate your health, your body, your senses, your ability to walk and live. Appreciate the acts of kindness and contribution you offer others, and that others contribute to you. Appreciate others’ unique qualities, their foibles, quirks and gifts. Appreciate your environment, your neighborhood, city, state, country and planet. Appreciate the government for providing a structure that strives for order, safety, education, services and justice. Appreciate the entertainers, the artists, the business owners and entrepreneurs, laymen, doctors, lawyers, dentists, massage therapists, dry cleaners, yoga teachers, manufacturers, farmers, teachers, executives, cab drivers, salesmen, managers, photographers, wedding planners, electricians and garbage collectors. Appreciate freedom, free-trade, the stock market, opportunity, creativity and choice. Appreciate joy, love, peace, kindness, humility, forgiveness, truth, honesty, integrity, knowledge, wisdom and grace. Appreciate your stressful thoughts for expanding your awareness and allowing you to discover the truth. Appreciate the thoughts that allow joy and bliss to electrify your being. Appreciate your vulnerability, your humanity and your willingness to grow and learn.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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