Holiday Inner Peace – Gem-Minders™ – The Path of Simplicity

lesson12gem-tIn honor of the upcoming holidays, I thought it would be timely to remind you of the concept of SIMPLICITY.

In coaching, my job is to help clients keep ideas alive between sessions, so they realize the full benefits of an idea put into action. One of the most effective ways to do this is having a “structure” or “que” to REMIND one to live a desired intention.

The Minders Collection™ was designed to assist you in keeping a lesson alive in your life. The Gem-Minders™ subtlety reminds you with beautiful colors and symbols on your wrist. They look good and carry inspired meaning with you everywhere you go. A quick glance or a soulful meditation on these thoughtful images, supports you visually and emotionally.

The Path of Simplicity
Yellow is creativity to inspire us to find new creative ways to live in simplicity.
• The butterflies in between each gem signifies transformation as we apply simple “spiritual principles” in our lives in lots of creative ways.
Musical note reminds us to listen to the music in life, and dance and sing along with it.
• The “spiral” symbol represents the labyrinth, a meditation practice used centuries ago and reminds us to “go within” and listen to our inner guidance to help us finding creative ways to live in simplicity.

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