Finding Spaciousness

With the economy as it is, it seems everyone is working harder than ever. We can either allow time pressures to consume us, sending our blood pressure off the charts. Or, we CAN learn how to access “spaciousness” and relax into inner peace regularly — no matter how full our schedules are.

The last 4 months have been my busiest ever! And yet, as I write this article, I can honestly say, “The core of my being is more peaceful and grounded than ever.” How did I manage a 5-city tour, 6+ airplane flights, 35+ hours driving, numerous speaking engagements, a “household move,” family vacation and launching 3 new programs?

Here are 3 simple keys to expand spaciousness in your life.

  1. NOW Practices. I’ve talked a lot about mastering your ability to “live in the present moment.” A NOW Practice is taking something you’re doing everyday already, but consciously practicing being more present during that activity (i.e. driving, eating, showering, working out, etc.). Read Lesson #1 in my book “The Power of Inner Choice” (you can download the complete ebook HERE) Focusing on NOW Practices has helped me focus in the moment, increase productivity, connect more deeply with others, and notice LOTS of magic moments as they arise. It’s essential to “master the now.” You can find spaciousness in any present moment.
  2. Schedule breathing room DAILY…and then bask in it. It’s essential to put basic boundaries in place for you to “relax into your beingness” on a regular basis. I am almost always appointment-free for an hour at lunchtime. I take my lunch to the back patio, breathe in the fresh air, gaze at the golf course and watch the hummingbirds play. Even 20-25 minutes feels spacious when I’m fully present during this time. Whether it’s a few hours in the evening, a leisurely shower or an indulgent massage — basking in the space is soothing to the soul. This is essential for sustainable inner peace.
  3. Commit to serious unplugging time. After every one of my tour stops, I consciously chose a FULL day to play, rest and unplug, connecting with friends and family. This past Sunday it was a day at the beach, including a beach BBQ. We also took a week with family and friends in Colorado and Albuquerque.

But busy vacations, and a day here and there doesn’t provide the same nourishment as 4-5 full days of retreating. This means taking time where your predominant focus shifts from the outer world to your inner world. I’m not talking about hanging out in your busy mind or analyzing thought.

I’m talking about allowing yourself to be guided more deeply into your own consciousness. To gently shift your attention from the thinking mind, to that which is AWARE of thought. From reactive emotions, to that which is AWARE of feeling. From seeing, hearing and feeling body sensations, to what which is AWARE of seeing, hearing and feeling sensations. Many experience this point of awareness as “spaciousness.” And, it’s typically described as peaceful.

I can’t imagine how frazzled my inner being would be today, had I not gifted myself with the three “5-day retreats” I participated in this year. If you’re ready for more “spaciousness” in your life, commit to giving yourself serious “unplugging time.” It does a body, mind and soul good.

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