Everything Comes From Inner Peace :-)

Just last week, I was speaking with one of my clients who finally discovered that her INNER PEACE, was the missing peace in her life.

I thought sharing her story could inspire you.

She’s been on a path of personal & spiritual development for sometime, and is recently feeling worn out from all the classes and programs she’s done through the years.

This is especially true, because her life STILL isn’t where she wants it to be.

She’s been struggling to keep up with self-care practices that she WANTS to do, but some how isn’t doing them — whether the time is available or not. Frustrating!

She finds herself reacting emotionally to her husband more often than she’d like, which only escalades the disconnect between them.

She’s not taken action on her “real dreams” of starting her own business, which has her feeling worse about herself.

And, this is an otherwise successful woman!

I often use the analogy of trying to vacuum a room with the electrical cord NOT plugged in.

No electricity.  No power.  No working vacumm cleaner.

When we’re NOT plugged into our primary source of power… life is hard!   We react. We procrastinate. We don’t take care of ourselves. And our dreams and goals don’t come together.

That primary source of power IS your sense of
inner peace.

When we ARE plugged into our inner peace and power…. it’s expoentially easier to:

* Respond lovingly to our partners… even if we disagree with them.

* Take focused and inspired action toward our most important goals.

* Listen to intuitive guidance with confidence.

* Find time to take good care of ourselves regardless of our busy schedules.


A quick inventory of how your life is flowing, and you’ll quickly discover how tapped into your inner peace and power you are or aren’t.

Where ever you are is fine.  (Please don’t let this email serve to beat you up more if it’s not where you want it to be!)

And, no matter how much personal or spiritual growth work you’ve done, or how many areas are or aren’t working…. I’d love to challenge you to up the ante!

My client decided to make this one of her top priorities over the coming weeks and months.

Are you up for it?

There is ONE place where you can strengthen your connection to your greatest source of power — and master the skills to quickly return to your inner peace… regardless of what’s going on.  In just 2 days.

Having this skillset is the single most valuable asset you can have.

It’s all happening at Inner Peace Infusion Retreat on May 12-13, 2012 in Ojai, CA.

Check out all the details and reserve your space ASAP because spaces are filling up, and we’re only able to take so many people.  (Congratulations to those who have already RSVP’d!  Looking forward to spending TWO full days with you!)

If you’re ready to up the ante on your inner peace quotient and see for yourself how much easier life can be in ALL areas….

1) Visit my BLOG, and make a public commitment

2) Share what your top 1-3 areas where you find it most challenging to access your inner peace and power.

3) Register for Inner Peace Infusion Retreat to radically strengthen your connection to your greatest
source of power.

If you’re not sure if the retreat dates work for you, but DO want to commit to upping your inner peace quotient, take Steps 1 and 2.

I’m seriously on a mission to have thousands more enjoy the benefits of inner peace!  EVERYTHING comes from inner peace.

Are you going to be one of them?


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