Conversations with the Masters of Coaching

Are you a new coach?
A seasoned coach?
Thinking about hiring a coach?
Committed to your own personal growth?

— this series is for YOU.

Access interviews with twelve of the most distinguished coaches in America and learn:

  • · “Best practices” of the “masters”
  • · Favorite coaching questions
  • · The truth about change and transformation
  • · Secrets to success and life balance
  • · How you can maximize your relationship with a life coach
  • · How to tap into your own inspiration and become more focused
  • · What it takes to become more fulfilled

$2,500+ Value. To access each of these coaches individually, you would pay $2,500+ or more. I’m bringing the best to you, for a tiny fraction of this cost, asking them the questions you would be asking.

Enjoy this complimentary sample call with Cheryl Richardson!

Learn more about Conversations with the Masters of Coaching – Individual Recordings and Bundles available as low as $7.99!

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