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“Conversations with
the Masters”

Hosted By Mary Allen

Arjuna Ardagh

Author of seven books and many audio and video products, including the 2005 bestseller The Translucent Revolution, and his most recent book Leap Before You Look.

  • Are you on a spiritual path?
  • Have you experienced a radical awakening? (Or… do you want one?)
  • Would you like to learn how to get out of your own way, so you can have an even greater impact on the world?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

Cost: No Charge
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During This Interview We’ll Explore:

  • What the Translucent Revolution is all about…and how it is impacting today’s world.
  • How each of us can experience more of the state known as “radical awakening.”
  • What it means to become “friendly with all feelings” — and how we can eventually get there.
  • Simple ways to transform or “radically release” the beliefs and thoughts interfering with your happiness, progress and inner peace.
  • The difference between masculine vs. feminine enlightenment, and how we can deepen each of them.
  • Living in the heart of the paradox – participating fully in the material world of success while enjoying the deep soulful connection of the Divine.
  • How “Awakening Coaching” is transforming people’s lives.
  • And much, much more!

Personal Note from Life Coach Mary:

This past Fall, I learned about Arjuna Ardagh from two of my dearest clients, Bunny and Jane. After listening to Arjuna’s wisdom on a Thursday night conference call, I enthusiastically sent an email to his office inviting Arjuna to be a guest on my Conversations with the Masters series. He graciously accepted. I also hired Arjuna as my personal coach. Over the past three months, I’ve had the privilege and honor to work intimately with Arjuna through his intensive one-on-one coaching. While “everyday inner peace” is my greatest passion, I was craving even greater depth in my own spiritual journey that other “regular coaches” couldn’t quite give me. His presence, clarity and wisdom continue to profoundly impact my being. Every assignment and practice pushes the edge of my awareness, not to mention my comfort zone. To deepen my studies, in March I participated in his Awakening Coach Training courses (after all, “everyday inner peace” is code for “awakening.”) I’m also delighted to have Arjuna as a guest speaker for my Inner Peace Immersion Retreat in October 2010 (another great reason to attend!) Arjuna has a gift for communicating about “living an awakened life” and supporting others in expanding consciousness. Please join me on Tuesday, April 27th at 12:00pm PT for this unique call.

About Arjuna Ardagh

Arjuna Ardagh is the author of seven books, including the 2005 national bestseller The Translucent Revolution, and his latest book Leap Before You Look. He has trained more than 800 facilitators of awakening since 1995, and has been working with people, both individually and in organizations since 1983. Ardagh has been a speaker at conferences all over the world, including the International Conference on Business and Consciousness, the annual conference of the Omega Institute. He has coached leaders of many international companies in the art of Awakening Leadership, and has appeared on TV, on the radio and in print media in twelve countries. He is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council.

Arjuna was educated in England, at Kings School, Canterbury, and later at Cambridge University, where he earned a master’s degree in literature. Since the age of 14 he has had a passionate interest in spiritual awakening, and he began to practice meditation and yoga at that time. In his late teens he trained as a meditation teacher. After graduating from Cambridge, Ardagh devoted himself completely to the call he felt inside, and studied and lived with a number of great spiritual teachers, both in Asia and the United States.

Arjuna teaches the “Deeper Love” seminar with his wife Chameli. Together they live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, along with their two teenage sons.  You can find out more about Arjuna and the work that he does at or listen to his FREE tele-seminars at

He also has a store at:


by Arjuna Ardagh

It’s been about eighteen years since my teacher H.W.L. Poonja asked me to teach awakening in the West. At the beginning, when I first returned to Seattle in 1992, very few people would have a direct experience of being spaciousness, of being presence. At that time, most people were primarily identified with being “seekers.” They would project “enlightenment” onto a teacher or onto their own future, but it wasn’t accepted as part of their own now. During the last eighteen years things have changed dramatically. Not only in my experience, but others who spread awakening are reporting the same thing. I’ve heard from Eckhart Tolle, Michael Beckwith, Jean Houston, Ram Dass and hundreds of other teachers that we are together witnessing an epidemic of awakening all over the planet. It’s becoming easier and easier to relax back into your natural state and to know yourself to be limitless, the source of everything you experience.

One of the greatest potholes today to people living in this condition in their day-to-day life, is the sense of wanting to compare ourselves to historical figures and “spiritual heros” from the past. We see a statue of the Buddha sitting quietly, doing nothing. Or Quan-yin, or the master Jesus or Saint Francis of Assisi, and then we devalue the depth of our own realization because our heros look so much more advanced than we are.

The first thing I want to do when I hear someone compare themselves with someone from the past is to remind us that our situation today is completely different. Buddha didn’t have children, a mortgage, or drive a car. Jesus didn’t have a cell phone, or change diapers. And above all, none of these historical figures were faced with a world in as much crisis as we are today. Although what is realized in a moment of awakening may be the same: spacious presence, unconditional love, silence, the embodiment of that presence is completely different today.

You and I were not born into a time where there is an invitation to sit quietly in a cave chanting the sound OM. You and I were not born with the same opportunity that Saint Francis of Assisi had to become a monk and leave the world behind. We are destined to be in relationship, to create, to participate in the world of business and finance, and above all, to contribute to the creation of a new kind of humanity.

What is happening today is not just a new wave of awakening, but an evolution in the nature of that awakening. The bar has been set much higher when the challenge is to rest deeply in yourself while also remaining fully in the world and participating.

We are seeing the birth pains of the emergence of a new kind of human being.


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