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Stressed? Join me at Inner Peace Immersion Retreat…

I have a confession. Over the last few weeks, I started feeling stressed about my upcoming Inner Peace Immersion Retreat. Ironic, right? How can an “inner peace” retreat be anything but peaceful?  It’s especially annoying since I’m known as America’s Inner Peace Coach — and sometimes I buy into the thought that “I shouldn’t EVER feel stressed.” HA! If you’ve run a multi-day event,… Read more »

Did you miss the retreat? It's not too late!

Inner Peace Infusion Retreat in Ojai, CA The retreat was fabulous! We had a spectacular group of people who attended — and the location at Meditation Mount stunning!  It’s been a joy to hear how inner peace continues to be ALIVE for people after the retreat — even in otherwise stressful situations Meditation Mount in… Read more »

Q & A about the Inner Peace Infusion Retreat

Over the last couple of weeks, you’ve been hearing A LOT from me about…. 1) The upcoming Inner Peace Infusion Retreat, which is quickly approaching May 12-13th. 2) Various resources which can also support you in creating a life of freedom, flow and fulfillment. Please take advantage of what speaks to you, and take in… Read more »

Everything Comes From Inner Peace :-)

Just last week, I was speaking with one of my clients who finally discovered that her INNER PEACE, was the missing peace in her life. I thought sharing her story could inspire you. She’s been on a path of personal & spiritual development for sometime, and is recently feeling worn out from all the classes… Read more »

Inner peace is always moments away…

We’ve been preparing for the arrival of our little boy and girl by attending classes about labor, delivery, twin births, breast-feeding and those early weeks of caring for newborns.  I have to admit, I really thought they were leaving out one of the birthing options!  Surely, there  must be another way to deliver than the… Read more »

Inner Peace and Radiance

Ladies…this one is for you! I am super-excited about something … and you will be too! Trust me. Every woman, whether she’s single, in a relationship or married wants to have a magnetic presence, and feel yummy, confident and delicious in her own skin! A few weeks ago, in Huntington Beach, I had a juicy… Read more »

Inner Peace with Momentum

“Momentum Mastery Monthly” for Conscious Achievers What makes the difference between those who make quantum leaps in their businesses, while SIMULTANEOUSLY enjoying a balanced healthy life, meaningful relationships and a peaceful inner world — and those who don’t? Most of us are starving ourselves from the support we need to fuel momentum in our lives…. Read more »