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Best Life: Veggie Smoothies – The Breakfast of Champions

Veggie Smoothies? I know. It doesn’t sound instantly appealing. But, it does scream, “healthy, healthy, healthy!”, doesn’t it? I stumbled upon veggie smoothies through the fabulous world of social media. One day, while recovering from a minor surgery, I asked my Twitter friends what the best vegetables were to juice to help me heal more… Read more »

9 Ways Social Media is Good for Your INNER PEACE

The buzz is on. Social media is hip, it’s happening, it’s NOW. CNN, Oprah and even the President of the United States is integrating social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, into their businesses. Facebook has 175 million users, ranking in as the #1 Social Media site. Twitter’s total membership is around 6 million with… Read more »

Everyday Inner Peace: It’s not about PERFECTION

One of the first and most important principles to recognize on your path of everyday inner peace, is this: “Right here, right now, give up the idea of perfection.” Seriously. Ironically, striving for inner peace — 100% of the time — is a surefire way to experience unnecessary stress and suffering. I know this first… Read more »

What is Everyday Inner Peace?

When you think of “inner peace,” I bet you’re a lot like me, and you imagine the quiet stillness of meditation, spending time in nature or relaxing in the evenings or on weekends? Isn’t inner peace generally associated with a passive state-of-being, and not so much the A – C – T – I –… Read more »