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10 Paths to Accessing Peace

Accessing peace is essential to expanding our ability to receive and live fulfilling lives.  Therefore, the quicker and more easily you can return to peace, the better. Below are 10 strategies to utilize when you would like to consciously increase feelings of peace inside of you, whether you are in turmoil or already at peace…. Read more »

The Power of NOW during Chaos and Transformation: A Personal Story of Peace under Fire

The Power of NOW during Chaos and Transformation: A Personal Story of Inner Peace under Fire. A little background first.  The first lesson in my book The Power of Inner Choice is “The Power of the NOW.”  In cultivating “living in the present,” you are invited to identify current “practices” in your life…a practice being… Read more »

"Spirit vs. Ego" by Mary Allen

Has it ever felt that there were two opposing forces inside of you, each pulling in opposite directions? One, simply loves life and people, and is endlessly curious about exploring and experiencing the world. This “energy force” is ALIVE and free, creative, expressive, abundant and playful. This part of ourselves guides us calmly and adeptly… Read more »

Inner Peace Strategy – Loving What Is

How many times have you heard “your thoughts create your reality?” Lots? Me too.  I understood this conceptually, but often my thoughts simply dominated my reality and I felt helpless, stuck and tortured by them.  Yes, I knew they were lousy, disempowering thoughts ruining my life … but, they felt REAL.   As much as I… Read more »

Holiday Inner Peace – 7 Effective Ways to Boost Your Energy, WITHOUT CAFFEINE

Do you get an energy slump in the afternoon?  Are you relying on caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea and soda to “pick-you-up”?  What if you could zip up your energy naturally and effectively? One of my favorite clients once came to our call to explore alternative ways to tackle the mid-afternoon energy droops.  Finding three… Read more »

Why More People Don’t Have Inner Peace

Inner peace is an essential ingredient for health and well-being, thriving relationships, happiness, success, enlightenment and more.  So, why don’t more people have it?…Great question! There are 11 roadblocks most people bump up against that limits inner peace in their lives.  Do you see yourself in any of these? 1. Underlying Angst. Within virtually every… Read more »