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Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day

Mary Allen Family 2017

It’s the Thanksgiving Day holiday in the USA, and yesterday, my family and I made the long drive to Sacramento and are looking forward to visits with my Mom and family in the area. From our family to yours, wishing you a blessed day, lots of meaningful and memorable moments and tasty food! One of… Read more »

Finally, revealing a secret…

You are a treasured part of my community, and you know I’m pretty open and transparent about my life.  Sometimes my husband thinks, too much! Yet, it’s true, I have been keeping a very “personal” secret from you.  But, today is the day, I didn’t want to wait any longer to share it with you…. Read more »

Introducing our Golden Retriever Puppy Cruzer

Meet “Cruzer” Our Newest Family Member It was just THREE weeks ago when life changed as we know it. John and I are now proud parents of a little Golden Retriever puppy. This past Sunday marked “Cruzer’s” 11 week old birthday. This soft fur ball is our new joy. We say, “He’s SO frickin’ CUTE!”… Read more »

My Feel Good 10 – What are Yours?

My friend Darren Rowse posted this on Tuesday … it inspired me to create my own list! Here’s Darren’s list: Ten things that make me feel good… 1.      feeling the sun on my bald head after a long winter 2.      hugs from my kids and wife 3.      walking 4.      a latte with one sugar (sugar must… Read more »

Personal: Reminiscing About “Big Hair Days”

A few weeks ago, I flew to Dallas to reconnect with my work colleagues from 20+ years ago. My first real job was with “Technical Recruiting Associates”. Yes, for the first four years out of college I was a “headhunter,” finding top-notch computer programmers for my favorite clients, including Price Waterhouse, IBM and American Express…. Read more »

Honoring Vytas Pazemenas

Living Life to the FULLEST Honoring…Our Friend Vytas Pazemenas 1938 – 2009 On November 15, 2009, we gathered for Vytas Pazemenas’ Memorial at Balboa Yacht Club in Newport Beach.  I found myself even more honored to know this unique man. Born in Lithuania in 1938, as a child Vytas was smack in the middle of… Read more »