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The Power of Choice

CHOICE – We are ALWAYS at CHOICE. Sounds simple. For many things, this is an easy and empowering concept to embrace. Someone asks you out to dinner. Do you really want to go? You decide “yes” or “no”. You’re at choice. Someone asks you to do something you DON’T want to do. Again, you’re at… Read more »

Personal Growth Book Review: The Power of Inner Choice by Mary Allen

Name of Book:     The Power of Inner Choice Author:      Mary E. Allen, MCC Publisher and Date of Publication:     Personhood Press, 2005 By: Randee Bowder 1. What did you learn? One of the topics early on in the book is “The compounding effect of choice.” I am familiar with the concept of compounding… Read more »

Best Life: Mary’s Favorite Spiritual and Personal Growth & Development Books

One of my dear friends created a list of books she’s enjoyed reading and received a lot of value from.  She asked several of us to do the same and will be putting together a comprehensive list of our favorite spiritual and personal growth and development books. Here’s my list.  These aren’t in any particular… Read more »