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Do you need some inspiration today?

Thank you, thank you for the warm reception to my return last week! I feel blessed to receive lots of special notes saying, “I was missed” and “happy to receive my newsletter again.” Nothing like a little acknowledgment to boost inspiration. Thank you for boosting mine! Inspiration can come in many forms, shapes and mediums…. Read more »

Inner Peace Video: Riding a Wave of Hope

Turning disappointment into a joyful new direction. Watch – Riding a Wave of Hope >> If you like this video clip, I encourage you to Share it with the world and join me on my mission to empower and inspire millions of people around the globe to enjoy greater everyday inner peace and fulfillment. At… Read more »

[Inner Peace Video] Thanksgiving Song

“Grateful for each hand we hold, gathered round this table.” This touching song from Mary Chapin Carpenter captures the spirit of gratitude and togetherness of the Thanksgiving holiday.  It’s the perfect pre-Thanksgiving warm-up 🙂 Watch – Thanksgiving Song – Mary Chapin Carpenter >> If you like this video clip, I encourage you to Share it… Read more »

Video: Gratitude – Louie Schwartz at TED

There are no words to describe the impact this magnificent video has on me, visually and spiritually. I have shared it with many of my friends. It is saved and will be viewed and LISTENED to often. This moment, now, is all we have.? Let’s not waste one of these precious moments. They will never… Read more »

Inner Peace Video: Work Right

This hard-hitting movie addresses the importance of EVERYONE and EVERY level contributing to their personal success and the success of their organization. “Just getting by” attitudes and behaviors don’t cut it today’s ever changing world.  Challenge yourself with honesty to see how you’re honoring the 3 keys addressed in “Work Right.” Watch – Work Right >>… Read more »

Video: Make A Difference

If you’ve ever wanted to make a greater impact and empowering influence in your world, I hope you’ll enjoy today’s movie as a gentle reminder about the one thing that can transform any situation in literally 30 seconds or less:  compassion. What a little third grader says to his teacher at Christmas time instantly bypasses the head and… Read more »

Video: If I had my child to raise again

We’re excited to share with you a short inspirational movie based on the highly acclaimed poem “If I Had My Child to Raise Over Again” by Diana Loomans. We often say children grow up in a flash – that before you know it, they turn from grinning toddlers to insolent teenagers. Perhaps it isn’t about… Read more »