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Inner Peace Moment: Sack Lunches

On Friday, I’m leaving for Texas to visit my brother Bill and his family. My brother is a Major in the US Army, and heading back to Iraq for his second tour in January. When I read this…I immediately wanted to share it here. I don’t know who wrote this…but, perhaps it will stir some… Read more »

Inner Peace: My Favorite!

When I attended Byron Katie’s School years ago, I was introduced to the following piece. It’s still helpful in creating little “inner peace moments.” Hearing this read out loud created quite an impact. However, I’m trusting you’ll get the point as poignantly as I did. READ S-L-O-W-L-Y. Below are two excerpts. On from the “life… Read more »

Running out of Gas and INNER PEACE

I was running late for an appointment with my new gynecologist for my annual exam. My gas tank was running pretty low, but I thought I could easily make it to the doctor’s office. No problem. I made it. After my exam, I realized I had mistakenly grabbed the wrong insurance card. Bummer. If I… Read more »

Inner Peace Post-Surgery: Why not?

I had a little surgery today. And… in those first few minutes of consciousness, a wave of gratitude and inner peace overwhelmed my entire nervous system. Almost to the point of tears. All I could think of was capturing this precious slice of life. When was the last time you had one of those moments?… Read more »