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Holiday Inner Peace – Gratitude

This week, gratitude is the perfect emotion to adopt. Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. Appreciation and gratitude are interchangeable. In gratitude there is acceptance, love and acknowledgment of “what is”. In gratitude, there is spaciousness and connectedness. APPLICATION – Appreciate the moment. Appreciate your strengths and weaknesses. Appreciate who you are, a… Read more »

Inner Peace: 10 ½ Keys to Living Fully Fulfilled – Key #6 – Embrace "Beingness" vs. "Doingness"

We are human BEINGs, not human DOINGs. And society has conditioned most of us to DO, DO, DO, and offered little to no “training” in simply “being”. Underneath all the doing in life lies some sort of BEING energy – it may be determination, confidence, love or even anger, fear or depression. Some combination of… Read more »

Inner Peace Strategy: LOVE

LOVE… This is truly one of the great emotions in life, isn’t it?  The word LOVE is used in numerous ways to capture that special connection that ties us all together as human beings, and to everything we have an affinity for.  In our purest state, I believe we love everyone and everything in this… Read more »

Holiday Inner Peace – 7 Effective Ways to Boost Your Energy, WITHOUT CAFFEINE

Do you get an energy slump in the afternoon?  Are you relying on caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea and soda to “pick-you-up”?  What if you could zip up your energy naturally and effectively? One of my favorite clients once came to our call to explore alternative ways to tackle the mid-afternoon energy droops.  Finding three… Read more »

Inner Peace: 10½ Keys to Living Fully Fulfilled – KEY #5 – Express Yourself Fully

“Express” is to communicate, convey, reveal, expose or give. “Yourself” is YOU. In Expressing YOURSELF we want YOUR thoughts, feelings and emotions, not someone else’s. “Express yourself FULLY” means “all of you”, not a partial rendition or “playing it safe” version. And, yes there are huge rewards for “expressing ourselves fully”, including fulfillment. Of course, we… Read more »

Inner Peace with Joan Borysenko – Beating Stress and Burn Out

In honor of my upcoming interview with Joan Borysenko on Conversations with the Masters next week, I wanted to share this article, excerpted from Joan’s Inner Peace of Busy People, September, 2003. Beating Stress and Burn Out by Joan Borysenko “Remember-your to-do list is immortal. It will live on long after you’re dead.” -Joan Borysenko… Read more »

Holiday Inner Peace – Being Calm in the Eye of the Storm – 6 Keys

Yes, the holidays are around the corner!  Your life is going reasonably well.  You’re focused, “on track” and feeling centered…yet all of a sudden your workload triples, an employee leaves, or a significant person in your life becomes emotionally distraught, or perhaps a death or illness surprises the family.  And, children offer unpredictable challenges too…. Read more »

Inner Peace and Your Circle of Influence – What is their impact on your life?

As human beings, our lives are shaped and influenced by a myriad of factors, and relationships is at the top of the list.  Think about how much of “who you are today” was influenced by a specific parent, sibling, relative, teacher, coach, neighbor, author, speaker, boss, co-worker, spouse or friend.  Values, habits, behavior, knowledge, skills,… Read more »

Inner Peace: 10½ Keys to Living Fully Fulfilled – KEY #4 – Love Yourself to Pieces.

I met a very special lady in the “healing profession”, and her words branded me for life. “If everyone could just learn to love themselves to pieces“. They say love is one of life’s greatest medicines. And it is a medicine we need to administer to ourselves – generously. I believe that loving ourselves is foundational… Read more »

Inner Peace Strategy: 5 Minutes of "Doing" Nothing

5 Minutes of “Doing” Nothing – As a coach, I work with numerous over-achieving clients, who are super “doers”. Yet, amidst all the success, they desire more balance in their lives and are intrigued with the idea of “being” more.  BEING meaning… connecting more to yourself…or your soul. Perhaps you, too, desire more balance and… Read more »