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Inner Peace and 6 Keys to Being CALM in the Eye of the Storm – #1. Be Grounded and Connected to Yourself

Your life is going reasonably well.  You’re focused, “on track” and feeling centered …yet all of a sudden your workload triples, an employee leaves, a significant person in your life becomes emotionally distraught, or perhaps a death or illness surprises the family.  Sometimes when coaching, it seems that every client I work with has their… Read more »

Inner Peace Strategy – Loving What Is

How many times have you heard “your thoughts create your reality?” Lots? Me too.  I understood this conceptually, but often my thoughts simply dominated my reality and I felt helpless, stuck and tortured by them.  Yes, I knew they were lousy, disempowering thoughts ruining my life … but, they felt REAL.   As much as I… Read more »

Inner Peace Article – Making Stuff Up

What do you do when you don’t have all the information or communication you need with someone?  Something feels ‘off’, AND you haven’t spoken directly about it.  Maybe THEY didn’t return a call or respond to an email, plans to get together never materialized, or were cancelled unexpectedly.  Or suddenly all communication has disappeared.  Maybe… Read more »

Inner Peace and Choosing PEACE as Your #1 Goal

As you read this, I’m in beautiful Joshua Tree, CA … conducting my Inner Peace Immersion Retreat.  If you were unable to join us, I wanted to share this inner peace gem … an article from my very early archives: Choose PEACE as your #1 Goal I’ve always been the achiever type, and peace or… Read more »

Inner Peace While Climbing An 80 Foot Wind Tower

All year, my husband John and his colleagues have worked diligently on building an innovative new wind turbine. A couple weeks ago … while wine-tasting, we decided it was time for the “wives” to come see where our husband’s have been toiling. I’ve heard stories about the wind tower swaying in the wind, 100+++ degree… Read more »

Inner Peace by Divorcing Drama with Gregory Anne Cox

“Divorcing Drama” by Gregory Anne Cox Note From Mary: I loved the title of this article … had to pass it along to you. Here’s to divorcing drama. 🙂 Gregory Anne’s Article: Ellen is a fit, fabulous, midlife gal who has successfully raised four children into various stages of adulthood. We know each other because… Read more »

Everyday Inner Peace Calls

Greetings, Over the extended weekend earlier this month… I hope you had the opportunity to take in many magic moments. My “smiley moments” included…watching a dozen kids rolling down the grassy hill in sheer delight. And, seeing a 4 year old lugging around a 3 month old boxer puppy (who was almost as big as he was!) Quite… Read more »

Inner Peace Tip #17 – How to Not Worry About What Others Think of You

Can we ever really control what others think of us? Oh, how I wish there was a way to have everyone love me – and YOU!   Ahhhhh…welcome back to reality. “Pleasing” everyone simply isn’t possible. Each human being has their own blueprint of likes, dislikes, standards and pet peeves.  Recognizing this reality is the… Read more »

Inner Peace and Owning your Power, with Gaile Burchill

“What’s Possible When You Own Your Power” by Gaile Burchill Note From Mary: One of the women I admire deeply is Gaile Burchill. She’s not only been a client and student of mine, she was instrumental in the success of the Awakening Beyond Achievement Tour. She happens to be participating in my latest Ultimate Impact… Read more »