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Thoughts – Our Greatest Addiction !? by Mary Allen

Every thought we think creates a biochemical response in our bodies.  These reactions vary from negligible to intense. Science has known this for some time.  If we think about food, our saliva glands may be stimulated.  When we think of the person that irritates us most, our bodies constrict and tense up.  When we reflect… Read more »

A 365 Goal by Mary Allen

What?  A 365 day goal?  Yes.  A 365 day goal is a year long commitment you make to yourself as a resolution with an ongoing commitment. Every year we set a variety of goals.  Some can be achieved in a week, month, or quarter.  Some goals take several years to realize.  There is another category… Read more »

The Zen Move

First off, before I move…I set an intention of having “the most effortless, flowing, stress-free move I’ve ever experienced.”  I imagine everything coming together neatly into boxes, things moving quickly, nothing getting damaged…..and most importantly ME EXPERIENCING PEACE throughout the day. There are  ALWAYS THINGS WE CANNOT PREDICT OR CONTROL  — in the outside world,… Read more »

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s separation: Were you affected? (Part II)

Last Friday, we explored why celebrity divorces and breakups, like the buzz about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s potential divorce, can affect us exponentially. If you missed it CLICK HERE. Today, I’ve got a few tips to apply when you feel jostled by news of a pending divorce. Finding inner peace in the face of… Read more »

Inner Peace – Adopt the Emotion of Peace

PEACE can be described as a calm, tranquil feeling that exudes an internal state that “all is well”.  Even in “turbulent” times, the feeling of peace can be cultivated by a knowing that “this too will pass”…and everything will ultimately work itself out. “Peace is aligning with ‘what is’, and not resisting it.” —Mary Allen SOULFUL… Read more »

Inner Peace with Joy

JOY is truly one of my favorite emotions, isn’t it one of yours too? JOY is a state of happiness or an expression of delight. Kids have great access to this emotion, and as an adult, somehow JOY doesn’t always feel “appropriate”. That’s ridiculous. JOY can be brought to everything you do throughout the day…. Read more »

Inner Peace when Under Financial Pressure

With the economy as it is, there is more uncertainty than ever. Layoffs. Businesses closing. Real estate diving. Volatile stock markets. As if life wasn’t challenging enough. Yet, money is the exchange system of our modern day world. Can we really find inner peace in the face of financial strain? As I was flying back… Read more »

Inner Peace with Humility

Here’s an emotion I’m striving to embrace more fully, because I haven’t gotten it all figured out. Humility is a beautiful and powerful emotion, but perhaps misunderstood, overlooked or even avoided by the masses.  It is viewed as “weak” by some. Those that practice humility know its power and hold it as one of the… Read more »

Inner Peace Strategy – The Four Candles

The Four Candles – Author Unknown The Four Candles burned slowly. Their Ambiance was so soft you could hear them speak… The first candle said, “I Am Peace, but these days, nobody wants to keep me lit.” Then Peace’s flame slowly diminishes and goes out completely. The second candle says, “I Am Faith, but these… Read more »