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5 Minutes of ‘Doing’ Nothing

As a coach, I work with numerous over-achieving clients, who are super “doers”.  Yet, amidst all the success, they desire more balance in their lives and are intrigued with the idea of “being” more.  BEING meaning…connecting more to yourself…or your soul. Perhaps you, too, desire more balance and more of that divine connection to YOU…. Read more »

The Power of NOW during Chaos and Transformation: A Personal Story of Peace under Fire

The Power of NOW during Chaos and Transformation: A Personal Story of Inner Peace under Fire. A little background first.  The first lesson in my book The Power of Inner Choice is “The Power of the NOW.”  In cultivating “living in the present,” you are invited to identify current “practices” in your life…a practice being… Read more »

"Spirit vs. Ego" by Mary Allen

Has it ever felt that there were two opposing forces inside of you, each pulling in opposite directions? One, simply loves life and people, and is endlessly curious about exploring and experiencing the world. This “energy force” is ALIVE and free, creative, expressive, abundant and playful. This part of ourselves guides us calmly and adeptly… Read more »

Truth-Telling Game

Intimacy is one of the most fulfilling aspects of relating with another. In opening oneself and revealing your innermost thoughts to another creates intimacy, understanding and deepens any relationship. The feeling of “being known” and “knowing another” authentically is fulfilling. One fun way to stir up the intimacy quotient is by playing the “Truth-Telling Game.” It’s… Read more »

"Your Circle of Influence: What is their impact on your life?" by Mary Allen

As human beings, our lives are shaped and influenced by a myriad of factors, and relationships is at the top of the list.  Think about how much of “who you are today” was influenced by a specific parent, sibling, relative, teacher, coach, neighbor, author, speaker, boss, co-worker, spouse or friend.  Values, habits, behavior, knowledge, skills,… Read more »

5 Indisputable Reasons to Make ‘Inner Peace’ Your Predominant Way of Being

When you get sucked into the vortex of inner turmoil, how long does it take you to return to your “peaceful power?”  Perhaps the bigger question is, “what is it costing you when you’re not resting in inner peace?  How does any version of “inner turmoil” (subtle irritation or big stress) impact your life? There… Read more »