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Inner Peace: Embracing the Shadow Side of Inner Peace & SURVEY

To make sure you eagerly look forward to, read and get the most from my weekly communications helping you find, keep and deepen inner peace, I’d like you to answer 3 questions in this week’s mini inner peace survey.  (Your answers are 100% CONFIDENTIAL.) CLICK HERE – And now for today’s inner peace conversation…. Read more »

Inner Peace: How to find inner peace?

A heartfelt thank you for responding to my mini survey question last week! I especially appreciate the comments on my blog. Mwwaaah! If you missed the last post, visit HERE (and be sure to answer the survey question!) It turns out 36% of those surveyed don’t know where to find inner peace within themselves, and… Read more »

Inner Peace: Are you ready for more?

The last few months have been super busy with the twins turning 1 year old, going on our first family vacation to Utah and enjoying lots of visits from friends and family.  Whew!  Fun, crazy, overwhelming, memorable and nourishing too 🙂 AND I really want to connect with YOU more personally…and on an ongoing basis. It means… Read more »

Inner Peace and Confessions from a New Mom

Last week I received a super sweet voicemail from a subscriber expressing appreciation for the emails she receives from me… the quotes, videos and other invitations.  Hope you feel the same way. But, I have a serious confession. While this truly warmed my heart… the truth is I feel I haven’t been contributing to my community… Read more »

Inner Peace, Twins and The Power of the NOW

Living in the present moment is not a new idea.  Eckhart Tolle has perhaps played the largest role in bringing our attention to the importance of “this now moment.” His book “The Power of Now” has sold over 3 million copies, and another estimated 35 million viewers participated in a series of live webinars with Tolle and… Read more »

Inner Peace and the Art of Self-Soothing

A few months ago I gave birth to twins.  A boy and a girl.  What JOY they have brought to our lives! Of course, it has been a lot to get used to, for both me and my husband… especially in those early weeks. If you’re a parent, you understand. Babies are demanding, all day… Read more »

Are you coming from inner peace and love?

We’ve all had that feeling of “being connected”.  This could be described as “coming from a place of love” or “being in your power”.  Perhaps it’s when we’re with a significant other, playing with a child, performing at work, or doing something you’re confident at.  This isn’t necessarily “romantic in-love”…it’s just open, warm and giving… Read more »

How to Live in the Present Moment

Fulfillment happens in the present moment. Most people spend their time fretting about the past OR worrying about the future. Do you know anyone like this? We live in a fast-paced world, and the concept of slowing down and appreciating each moment may seem like a waste of time. However, it is in the present… Read more »

10 Paths to Accessing Peace

Accessing peace is essential to expanding our ability to receive and live fulfilling lives.  Therefore, the quicker and more easily you can return to peace, the better. Below are 10 strategies to utilize when you would like to consciously increase feelings of peace inside of you, whether you are in turmoil or already at peace…. Read more »